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LEIYUAN ventilated terracotta rainscreen system largely combines high-quality terracotta cladding with pressure-equalized cavity wall system, resulting in a great advantage of this advanced rainscreen facade solution.

Terracotta Rainscreeen Panel

1. Rich colors and shades are created in the firing kiln at high temperature, thereby becoming natural and long-lasting.

2. Durable and maintenance-free. Excellent performance in breaking strength and free-thaw resistance.

3. Considerable options of format, profile, texture, color.

4. Recyclable and made of natural clay material.

Suspended Facade System

1. Fast installation. Easy replacement of single panel without removing the whole stack.

2. Mortar-free system can be installed in almost all weathers.

3. LEIYUAN terracotta façade system can be custom designed according to projects situation.

Ventilated Facade Cladding System

1. Protect the structural wall from bad weather and extend the lifespan of the buildings.

2. Moisture can be removed by the flowing air behind the panels, which helps to keep a dry cavity and remove mold and mildew.

3. Thermal benefits that reduces energy consumption.


The Terracotta Rainscreen System has become the first choice of exterior wall decoration for a growing number of upscale buildings. It is made of natural material, primarily by mixing natural clays with natural water under high temperature firing work. It is broadly applied for the exterior of the building as an alternate to exposed brick masonry, which is rugged and untidy. This problem can be effectively solved by the terracotta facade cladding system.


Terracotta Curtain Wall System, Ceramic Curtainwall


How does Terracotta Rainscreen Facade System Work?

Terracotta Rainscreen Panels, Rainscreen Cladding System | China Leiyuan

Unlike conventional construction walls that attempt to avoid the water penetration by focusing on eliminating the openings, terracotta rainscreen system is a back-ventilated facade system abiding by the rainscreen principle. The complete terracotta rain screen cladding system consists of open joint rainscreen panels, supporting system, ventilated cavity and inner skin (insulation and vapor barrier). With the ship-lapped open joints, air is allowed to circulate behind the terracotta rainscreen panels to help balance air pressure in the cavity, getting close to pressure equalization for internal and external air. Also, the gaskets are incorporated with the supporting system for vertical joints to prevent the rainwater penetration and help to drain the water from cavity behind. Thus, due to overlapping joints and lack of pressure difference, most wind-driven rain and snow cannot enter the cavity. A small amount of water penetrating the joints can be evaporated during the air flow or dripped down and out of the drain openings. 


Terracotta Rainscreen Panels

Terracotta Rainscreen Panels, Rainscreen Cladding System | China Leiyuan

Abundant profile, format, texture and color are available. Custom profiles and special elements can be produced on request. Click here for the detailed introduction of our terracotta cladding panels. 


Terracotta Rainscreen System

Terracotta Rainscreen Panels, Rainscreen Cladding System | China Leiyuan

Terracotta Rainscreen System can be customized and engineered in accordance with the real situation of projects. Check the common supporting structure of Terracotta Rainscreen System. 


Terracotta Rainscreen Facade System Technical Advantages

Terracotta Rainscreen Panels, Rainscreen Cladding System | China Leiyuan

Open Systems, heat & sound insulation

Terracotta rainscreen adopting open cladding installation systems helps to protect architectural main structure from erosion by inclement weather and air pollution. It can prevent dust deposit on the panels, which is helpful to keep curtain wall clean. At the same time this installation method can effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient, and improve the acoustic behavior of building walls. The whole system can be heat insulation, sound insulation, ventilation, humidity insulation; it can also effectively improve the indoor temperatures in summer, eliminating the thermal bridge effect and save energy consumption.

Waterproof & anti-collision design, Anti-seismic

Terracotta rainscreen installation principle carries on joint design according to principles of equal pressure rain-screen. It uses a special designed EPDM rubber strip between two panels. By this way, it can effectively reduce the intrusion of rain, prevent Terracotta rainscreen from lateral displacement, and prevent collisions between adjacent Terracotta rainscreens. At the same time, after Terracotta rainscreen system improved, the Terracotta rainscreens can resist more than 10 degree of earthquake which is particularly suitable for buildings that  require resisting wind pressure and seismic. 

Installation with Rubber Gasket. Easy to Replace Single Panels

Between clips and crossbeam, there are rubber gaskets, which cannot only improve the anti-seismic performance of the system, avoid the electrolytic corrosion among the different metal material, but also eliminate the noise and deformation. If one piece of panel is broken, it is unnecessary to take down the whole system. Single panel replacement is available.

Sophisticated workmanship, back ventilation

The processing of Terracotta rainscreen uses advanced technology control, surface flatness and dimensional stabilization, which can meet the maximum design needs of wall closed edge. No matter used in screen or corners or other parts, it can maintain the curtain wall facades coherent, natural and beautiful. Meanwhile, humidity of building can be taken away by flowing air behind the space between the panels and the wall, so as to avoid producing condensation water and keep the exterior walls dry.


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