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  • LEIYUAN is a comprehensive enterprise primarily engaged in building materials. The company is headquartered in Jinjiang, one of the production bases of Chinese terracotta products. The company works closely with local manufacturers to expand the global market as the terracotta industry develops, and terracotta Facade product is one of the company's major business.
  • The architectural terracotta facade factory was founded in the year of 2002 in the southeast of China, primarily manufacturing Terracotta Panels, Terracotta Louvers, Terracotta Tiles, Terracotta Brick and artificial culture stone, etc.
  • We have three branch factories with a total covering area of 430'000 sqm. There are more than 600 employees. Now, we are focusing on terracotta building materials' development, research and innovation and has developed a series of extraordinary products (e.g., the handmade terracotta brick, metallic reduction tile, sand surface terracotta panels and the Multifunctional floor heating panels, etc.).
  • In a few years, our factory has become the most professional manufacturer of terracotta products in Asia and built stable strategic partnerships with most domestic construction companies and real estate developers. LEIYUAN architectural terracotta products are favored by customers worldwide. The overseas well-known enterprises Kajima Corporation, Alphex, etc. have established long-term business relationships with us.


Our Factory

About Terracotta Facade Panels Factory | China Leiyuan

Over 20-year Experience

Our factory has adhered to more than 20-year experience in manufacturer Architectural Terracotta Products. Each performance index of Our factory terracotta panels meets and exceeds European standards. The customers come from all over the world.

The largest manufacturer

The most professional manufacturers of Terracotta Products in Asia, marketing and service of exterior curtain wall systems, covering Terracotta Facade Panel, Terracotta Louver, Terracotta Wall Tiles, Terracotta Floor Pavers, Terracotta Roof Tile, etc.

Specialized Production Lines

  • 80,000 square-meter open stockyard
  • 150,000 tons storage capacity of indoor repository for the semi-product
  • Molding machines from Italian BONGIOUNNI
  • 80 meters with five-layer drying
  • 260 meters roller kiln with 428 firing units
  • Automatic cutting and edge grinding equipment

Our Team

About Terracotta Facade Panels Factory | China Leiyuan

Team is the foundation and core of our Terracotta Corporation. We are equipped with a competitive team of management, research & development and service.


  • Quick Response - Professional sales and technicians will make 24-hour reply.
  • High Quality - The quality assurance department set up quality control system. Quality is conformance to ISO9001 and CE. Quality checking by 5 steps from the raw material to package finished.
  • Professional - A perfect system is designed to effectively convey information to ensure customers receive the most specialized industry service and technical support at the right time from the initial inquiry to after-sales.
  • Extra Service - We can provide a most cost-effective solution in line with customers’ projects drawing, which involves recommending the most suitable product size, products quantity calculation and the recommendation of installation method.

Being excellent is our goad and attitude.

About Terracotta Facade Panels Factory


About Terracotta Facade Panels Factory | China Leiyuan

We take trust for quality, now we have created many excellent projects in some major cities with partners like Japan Kajima, Vanke, and China Resources. 


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