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What places is Terracotta panel usually used?

As the curtain wall materials, terracotta panel is widely used in the exterior wall of large venues, public buildings, or act as the shading product when made into the louver shape. The Terracotta Panels can also be used in the interior walls in the large space, such as office lobby, subway station, train station waiting room, airport departure lounge, museums, theaters, etc. 

How are the terracotta panel produced?

Terracotta panels are made of natural clay, mixed with an appropriate amount of water, and then extruded via the high-pressure vacuum extrusion machine to make the terracotta panel paste. After dry in low temperature kiln and fired in high temperature firing kiln, the terracotta panels are almost done. The subsequent process includes cutting, quality checking, packing and storage etc.

The raw materials are almost from the nearby hilly regions, and some special pigment is imported from abroad.

How many years can you guarantee the quality? Will it fade?

Terracotta panel color is coming from the color of natural clay after being fired in the high temperature kiln. The same clay color can be made into slightly different colors of terracotta panels by adjust the kiln temperature and firing time, and adding a small amount of silicon, aluminum and other microelement. So terracotta panel products does not exist color fade problem. Chinese clay historical relic is also made from clay. The colors are still bright and well kept after thousands of years. Our company offers 50 years quality warranty for terracotta panes. During the warranty period, you will don’t need to worry about the following quality problems: surface flake off, weathering, chalking, fading, cracking and other bad weather effects.

Why color difference happens on different batch of terracotta panels?

Terracotta panel color is related to the clay material place of origin, ratio, drying and firing time and temperature. Raw material place of origin is limited by natural causes. And it is difficult to ensure to reach exactly same temperature at different times. So color difference of different batch is normal. 

Why terracotta panel has a self-cleaning function?

Clay materials have low metal content, which don't generate static electricity, and it is not easy to absorb dust. So that dirt is not easy to deposit. The panels can self-cleaning by wind and rain-washed. The oily dirt slides easily. If the surface is combined with a protective film, self-cleaning effect would be better.

What is the energy saving effect of the terracotta panel?

The inner structure of double terracotta panel is hollow, which is capable of blocking the conduction of heat, reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning. In recent years, with the worldwide energy crisis issue increasing, the government has implemented a mandatory energy efficiency standard for the public buildings energy consumption issue. And terracotta panel can just meet this requirement.

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FAQ of Terracotta Facade Panels System | China Leiyuan

Will terracotta panel become deformed over a long period?

Terracotta panel material is mineral clay which has been used for thousands of years in people’s life. It dose not contain organic ingredients, and the character is very stable. Once it is shaped, it will never deform. The density, hardness, broken strength will not change over time, so does the appearance.

Why terracotta panel is environmental friendly building material?

Terracotta panel is made from natural clay, which has a natural flavor that artificial materials unmatched. It’s colorful and engaging, simple and elegant texture, no radiation, and no pollution to the environment during the production process. This is the reason of terracotta panel to be recognized by the environmentally-conscious European countries.

Which thickness of terracotta panel is better,18mm or 30mm?

Common points of 18mm and 30mm:

1. Flexible connection structure

2. More than 10 degrees resistance to shock

3. The height of curtain wall can reach 300 meters

The differences with 18mm and 30mm:

Due to 30mm is heavier than 18mm, so vertical posts requirements are higher, which will increase construction costs. 

The grooves of 30mm panel are deeper, so they have stronger three-dimension effect, better visual impact and sound insulation.

But 18mm thickness terracotta panel is relatively economical.

Can terracotta panels be used in extreme weather condition?

Terracotta panels can act well in extreme cold or hot weather. No flake off, no crack, and no color fade

Terracotta panels are fully applicable to any wet and dry climate.

Is it possible to glazed on terracotta panel surface?

Yes, terracotta panel can be glazed with different colors according different customers’ requirement. Surface available is both matt and glossy.

Why some terracotta panels need a special protective layer on the surface?

Light color panels and red color series generally need to add the waterproofing layer (protective layer).The main function is to keep the terracotta panel surface clean, and easy to wash.

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FAQ of Terracotta Facade Panels System | China Leiyuan

What is the lead time? Is there a MOQ?

Stock Items: no MOQ, lead time is in 15 days.

Out of stock items: According to the production schedule, usually lead time is 30 days. In boom season, lead time is more than 60 days.

MOQ: 1500m2 for terracotta panels; 2000m for terracotta baguette

In one order, if total quantity of same color but with different size is more than the MOQ, LEIYUAN can also produce.

Is customized size available? What is the MOQ?

Yes, customized designs are welcome, technicians can provide CAD drawing for customers’ confirmation.

Terracotta Panel: MOQ1500m2/item, new mold fee USD2650/set can be refunded when total order quantity is more than 5000m2.

Terracotta Baguette & Louver: MOQ1500m, new mold fee USD1750/set can be refunded when total order quantity is more than 5000meters.

Do you provide free samples? How much will it charge for customized design?

Samples are free if they are in stock.

If the samples are made according to customer's specific requirements, each item cost USD200 to USD1750.

Samples delivery cost is paid by customers for the pending orders. For firm orders, our factory will pay the express charge within USD100. However, if the cost is more than USD100, customers should pay for the exceeding cost.

Samples making time: 30 days

New mold fee for customized design samples should be paid by customers

The sample making cost will not be refunded after customer placing firm order.

Can you provide shop drawing for terracotta panel?

Yes. If customers can send project CAD documents and show terracotta size and other necessary information, LEIYUAN can finish the shop drawing in 3 days and calculate the quantity for terracotta panel and fixing accessories. The shop drawing is only for reference, which is not the foundation for final installation.

Does LEIYUAN Offer OEM production or not?

Yes, OEM production is available. But the client must provide a formal authorization and develop a long-term procurement plans and signed a cooperation agreement.

Is there any common items?

Due to the usage of the terracotta panel is usually for projects, specifications, color, thickness and surface effects are different from each project. So our factory usually doesn't have common size stock items.

Most of the colors have a small amount of samples for marketing and sample confirmation for projects. If some projects required a small amount of products in a hurry, we can supply the samples to them according to the actual situation. Otherwise, clients can only wait for the production.


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